Crate Training

Sadly not. Dogs are individuals and come with their particular likes and dislikes. So although a crate can be used to benefit the great majority of dogs, there will be a select few that just will not enjoy or accept being crated.

This is very true for the sporadic adopted dog which is why their background is unknown.

Dogs up for adoption may experienced bad and traumatic experiences with crates earlier on in their lives, where owners used a crate as an application of punishment or misused a crate amounting to imprisonment.

There are also dogs that will happily work with a crate until the entranceway is locked or they're left alone, and will go ballistic and do everything in their power to try to escape the crate, causing themselves distress and possibly even physical harm.

Obviously in these cases, a crate should not be used.

These cases though are the exception and not the rule. The great majority of dogs learn how to love and enjoy spending amount of time in their crate.

Should Everybody Crate Train Their Lab?

I think everybody should at least educate themselves about them and give it a go.

When a crate's used correctly the advantages are huge, and only in the hands of people who crate inhumanely, for extended periods, for punishment and imprisonment can there be any downside to it. But you're not too form of person and won't ever use it as something for punishment!

When you have any worries or fears about employing a crate, please read the rest of the guide to see if it's for you. Hopefully your brain is likely to be put at rest and you'll at least give it a go.

And please remember that worldwide, countless countless 1000s of owners, trainers, breeders, working dog owners, agility and show competitors and even the ‘Humane society of the usa'condone the utilization of a crate!

But when after trying to use a crate following the strategy in this guide, your puppy doesn't try it, shows fear, anxiety or violently tries to chew his solution of a crate, (all of this really is rare!) do not ever force them to because this really is when it's inhumane!